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Hi, and welcome to my website. When I was young, the thing I wanted most was to leave the place I came from, Kansas. Now itís the place I like best, and Iíve learned to know it intimately and love its stories. I like to write might-have been tales about where I grew up, and about the people I heard about while I was growing up.

I come from storytellers on both sides of my family. After weíd eaten a big family dinner, my sisters and cousins and I would sit around and listen to aunts, uncles, and grandparents tell stories of when they were young, or stories of their aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Those long-ago people had strange and adventurous lives, nothing like mine, or so I thought, until I realized that they must have grown up wondering who they would become, arguing with their parents and siblings, falling in love, much like anybody would today. My books tell their stories the way I imagine they would tell them, although Iíve created a good deal out of my imagination, with plenty of other interesting nuggets Iíve found in history books or in other peopleís stories.

Iíve written two books, Grasslands and its sequel, Last of the Roundup Boys, for readers ages 10 to 14. Both are historical fiction, set in the 1880s near my favorite place in the world, my grandparentsí farm on the Kansas prairie.


This is an example of the old-style fenceposts mentioned in Grasslands.  They were made of catalpa wood, which is very strong and durable.  These fence posts still hold up barbed wire.


copyright © 2003-2004 Debra Seely

Jacket art for Grasslands copyright © 2002 by James E. Ransome
Jacket art for The Last of the Roundup Boys copyright © 2004 Greg Spalenka
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